The Catholic Mass

The Mass is an inexhaustible source of meaning and grace. Through the sacred liturgy of the Church, the action of the Mass carries on Christ's sacrifice for our salvation, incorporates us into Christ through communion and instructs us through God's Word.

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Liturgical Music

There is a variety of styles of liturgical music at the weekend Masses at St. Eugene's. Those groups that are looking for new members are marked with an asterisk (*) and can be contacted through the parish office at 542-6984.


4:30 PM Saturday:
 Organist & Cantor
7:30 AM Sunday:
9:00 AM Sunday:
10:30 AM Sunday:
 Parish Choir *
12:00 PM Sunday:
 Guitar & Piano Duo
1:30 PM Sunday:
 Gregorian Chant
5:30 PM Sunday:


Liturgical Ministries

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Weekend Schedules:

February 2018


Weekday Lector Schedules:

Nov 2017 - Feb 2018


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Altar Servers:

Youth: serve regular Sunday Masses and other special Masses - open to children between 4th & 8th grades.

Adult: serve certain weekend Masses and all regular weekday Masses - by pastor appointment.

ForAltar Server Procedures, click here.


Read the scriptures at weekend and weekday Masses, read the prayers of the faithful and make announcements - open to all youth in high school and all adults.

For Microphone Use Guidelines, click here.

For Readings from the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops website, click here.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:

Distribute the blessed sacrament to the faithful at weekday and weekend Masses and/or bring the blessed sacrament to people in their home and in rest homes - open to all parishioners who have received the sacrament of Confirmation.

For Weekend Communion instructions, click here.

For Weekday Communion instructions, click here.

The Altar Server Procedures affect Eucharistic Ministers, click here.


Assist people to their seats and take up collections at weekend Masses - open to all high school youth and adults.


Welcome people at the doors of the church and distribute bulletins - open to all in the parish (families especially welcome).

Music Ministers:

Lead the congregation in singing the hymns at Mass on weekends - open to various ages depending on the Mass.

Altar Society:

Assist with creating a pleasant and prayerful liturgical environment through decorating the church, watering flowers, maintaining altar linens, et. al. - open to all high school youth and adults.


Help to make sure that all is prepared in the sanctuary for the celebration of Mass - open to all high school youth and adults.


If interested in volunteering for a liturgical ministry, contact the parish office at 542-6984 or Contact Us.

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